New product launch = busy, but happy marketing department!

Today is an exciting day for NAG. The launch of the latest release of the NAG Library for SMP & multicore, Mark 22.

A new product launch (or release) is always a busy time for any marketing department. Months of planning and preparing new literature, presentations, collating benchmark data, new advertising campaigns, exhibition stands etc, and then comes the fun part - announcing to the outside world.

As with all marketing activities, there's a plethora of best practice guides in achieving a successful product launch. Our goal in the marketing department at NAG is to ensure that our news reaches every single user, potential user and specific media.

How do we achieve this goal?

The relatively recent emergence of new communication methods, blogging, microblogging and social media have transformed how we communicate with our audience and has made this launch different from those previous to it. What's so great about these new channels to market is that we can communicate and engage directly and instantaneously with those most important to us as an organisation. This is priceless.

Using these new methods in conjunction with more traditional marketing such as press releases and email blasts will serve to create some of the "buzz" that's needed to achieve early mindshare. However, even with the slickest of launch operations, if the product itself falls short of expectation and fails to impress then all the marketing effort is wasted.

Thankfully at NAG, our products reflect our reputation for quality and correctness. All new numerical routines have to undergo stringent quality checks. This vital testing process results in a portfolio of world-class products that simply wouldn't reach launch if they weren't something we could be proud of.

The NAG Library for SMP & multicore launched on 15th April 2010.


  1. Yes, i m completely agree with your post. Thanks for sharing such a realistic approach for launch a product.


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