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NAG Toolbox for MATLAB Documentation: Features in Development

The documentation for the NAG Toolbox for MATLAB aims to integrate as far as possible with the host MATAB environment and provide the same integrated documentation experience as found with built in MATLAB functions.MATLAB is itself in continuous development with a 6-month release cycle. New features appear in the MATLAB GUI, and as far as possible we try to use these features if it is possible to keep the documentation working on all the versions of MATLAB that we support.The Function BrowserOne relatively new feature, added at MATLAB release 2008b is the function browser. This is available in the help menu, or by pressing Shift-F1 (or equivalent keyboard shortcut, depending on platform and local customisation). It is essentially a modified table of contents to (just) the function reference pages, with built in search box and popup windows showing abbreviated summary documentation. Currently the functions of the NAG Toolbox do not show up in this function browser, however this has now…

Reflecting on 40 years of software development

As regular readers of this blog will know, NAG celebrated its fortieth anniversary on May 13th with a series of informal talks during the day and a dinner party in the evening. Over 200 people - members, collaborators, current and ex-staff - took part in what was a thoroughly enjoyable day. Katie, our Marketing Communications Manager and Queen of the Blogosphere, put together an amazing scrapbook with photographs going back to the early days. Somebody commented to me that a healthy proportion of the pictures involve food and drink - I guess thats just the sort of Company that we are ☺.

Talking to some of the older participants it was clear that - while computing has changed completely in the last four decades - many of the issues which faced the early NAG pioneers are still with us today. Portability remains a key concern, particularly since after a long period of relative stability we are seeing a great divergence in hardware and a smorgasbord of proprietary, non-standard mechanisms…

NAG's 40th Anniversary

NAG might be 40 years old today but the office feels like we are having a 21st birthday party with a real buzz about the place. Absolutely amazed that Jack Dongarra is in the building and about to give a seminar on the Impact of Architecture and Technology for Extreme Scale on Software and Algorithm Design having travelled from the States just to attend our Anniversary celebrations. Hopefully the weather will hold till later when we have afternoon tea and Pimms after hearing from our founding Directors Brian Ford and Steve Hague on how they created NAG and made it the success it is today.

Congratulations NAG Prize 2010 Winners!

Last week some of my colleagues attended the first Manchester SIAM Student Chapter conference at the University of Manchester. Going by the feedback it was a really good day with some great presentations by Professor Sven Hammarling (NAG), Professor Bill Lionheart and Dr Oliver Dorn (both of the School of Mathematics, University of Manchester) as well as many student presentations - so well done to those who organised the event.

The NAG Student Prize was established in 2006 to recognise the long standing relationship NAG has with Manchester and reward the highest achieving students in maths and computation related courses. Mike Dewar, NAG Chief Technology Officer awarded this years prizes at a ceremony later in the day.We’re delighted that this years prizes go to Xiaolu Han and Michael Crabb for their outstanding work in the Mathematical Finance and Mathematics and Computational Science MSc courses respectively.

Congratulations and well done to both Xiaolu and Michael.