A day in the life of...

... a Numerical Analyst:

Wow, this could be fairly boring, but here goes...

I arrive at my desk, slightly dishevelled from my daily cycle to work, whip my laptop out of the draw and unhibernate my old faithful friend. He and I have had some ups and downs over the past year but I am happy to say that we are still on good terms.

Having gone through the usual email checking routine, I ssh (remotely logon) onto one of the local linux work servers, to pick up from where I finished the day before.

And then it's on to slogging at the current routine, improving it's accuracy or speed, checking it works properly, documenting the code, screaming (under my breath) in frustration at the latest problem, or quickly writing a blog post to give my mind a break from the overflows and NaN's (think they are grandmas? Think again) of the numererical analyst's life.

But it's not all slog. One of the highlights for me, is in the cracking of problems. The simple answers, and the not so simple answers that when found, bring a smile of victory to the lips. Another highlight is in automating repetetive tasks, and creating/finding useful tools to speed up the work cycle. As I read in a magazine a while back, that if you do something a few times, it's worth making a quick tool to do the job for you.

At the end of the day, it's back home to my lovely wife, and to feed and bath my young son, only a Numerical Analyst in the back of my mind.


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