Christmas Comes Early

Christmas came early for one little girl at NAG Ltd. Being in charge of office services has its ups and downs (hands down a blocked loo or physically being up a ladder changing light bulbs) are part of my normal day. But a call from the local fire brigade certainly cheered me up. Since the fire service has stopped its annual building inspections we are now reliant on paying somebody to come in every year to carry out a risk assessment and for some reason these people are always rather bland and lacking in making their work (although serious) fun. Anyone who was here two years ago and was lucky enough to have training on the use of fire extinguishers would know this has to have been the best training course ever; it was a laugh from start to finish. The request was to familiarise themselves with the layout of the building so if there was ever a real emergency and they would have some background knowledge. They had promised to arrive in a full rig and I had expected one or two officers, but four was hitting the jackpot! We had a nice chat over a quick cuppa about fire exits (staff should use the designated fire exits and not the main entrance), number of hydrants on site, lighting etc and then we did a tour of the building. Being only 5ft 1 ½” (5ft 6” in heels) I felt really small as they were all over 6ft but they were a really nice bunch who do a fabulous job and hopefully will only ever be here is a more social capacity rather than a fully fledged work one.


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