Creative Programming

As I was being asked to write this blog post my brain awoke from it's number crunching stupor and I realised that I couldn't think of anything to write. The past few hours of sitting, programming in front of a computer seemed to have wiped out the artistic half of my mind.

I know at least for myself that staring at a monitor seems to obliterate all of my thoughts until I've finished the click clacking and click clicking of my current task and I can finally put blessed ink to physical paper to plan my next step.

So in order to re-enliven my thinking and my creativity, I sought a nice picture of a stunning scene. There's nothing like the beauty of creation to awaken something deep in your heart.

As I was quickly sketching the above picture to get the other half of my brain warmed up to it's full creative potential, I started wondering about creativity in programming.

Firstly there is the beauty of the written code itself, the ideas encapsulated within it and the intelligence of the design. Secondly there is the created product of what the non-technical viewer might see, such as a website, 3D artwork, mathematical art, 3D movies etc.

There is creativity in all that we do, and no less in programming. It is very satisfying to have finally cracked a problem successfully, and even more so if you can look at the flow and structure of your program and know that it is good and pleasing.

But despite the beauty that can be found in computer generated output or even in code (if you are able to comprehend it) I think I will always have to turn to a beautiful, fiery, ruby red sunset, or the playful sound of a nearby splashing stream as a way of awakening my heart.

(photo kindly contributed by Paul Wilson from his flikr account)


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