The joy of creating new solvers...

It’s an exciting time at the moment with a whole range of new routines being completed ready for the next Library release. The development group here are a highly motivated set of hard working folks, many with post-doc experience in a plethora of different areas of mathematics and computer science. While bringing their own individual knowledge to the code, they also get together as a well orchestrated team as all the methods are cross checked and fine tuned and documented for inclusion as new additions to the NAG library.

The next Library release will include more optimization routines, additional regression methods, extended wavelet functions, new surface fitting routines, further ODE solvers, enhanced random number generators... to mention only some of the content. So, particularly at the moment, it’s a real pleasure to have conversations with the individual developers and hear how some of the subtle design decisions that are made during the development process provide such large benefits, in usability, accuracy and performance, to users of our routines. For example one of the new optimization routines provides a new approach to solving bound constrained problems without requiring derivatives – making this solver very efficient for a range of large dimensional problems.

All these recent conversations have reminded me that we certainly have the expertise and the right attitude to help you. So do get in touch, at any time, if you want to discuss which of the hundreds of NAG routines you can use to solve your specific problem.


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