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NAG communications

We know that it can be hard for you to keep track of all the new stuff that is happening at NAG, such as the regular Library updates, new ways to use routines from various computing environments, events and conferences, training days, talks at customer sites, collaborations with numerical specialists, work on new technology platforms, and so on. The list of new activities and developments can seem endless, but we try to directly communicate the information that seems likely to be of most interest to you.For example:If you are a NAG user, we let you know when a new release of the Library is available for your system, so that you have the quickest access to new routines.When we know your field of interest, we send you information about events and highlight relevant examples in order to help you get the most from NAG.We periodically release brief case studies that contain novel ways of using NAG routines; some of these might help trigger new ideas for your problem solving.However, one of…