SC11 will be here soon

The SC11 conference, or just "supercomputing", will be held in Seattle this November. For many in the high performance computing community, including NAG, SC is the big event of the year. Certainly it is the one that attracts the most press (and press releases), the most attendees, the biggest exhibition, and absorbs the most amount of time in planning before we even get there. It is the event where we get to meet with many of our customers, most of our potential suppliers, and many friends and collaborators.

SC11 will generate a lot of news, articles and other media in the coming weeks. You can keep up with SC11 on twitter by following @supercomputing and/or the #SC11 hashtag. NAG's twitter team (@NAGtalk) will also keep you up to date with NAG's activities and stories at SC11 and beyond.

The NAG team will also post here on The NAG Blog over the coming days and weeks with news about what NAG will be doing at SC11.

I will be adding to all this with a series of posts on my personal blog - a diary of the lead up and planning for SC11 - the first entry was posted today.

See you in Seattle.


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