SC11 diary catch up

I posted here a week or two ago about my diary leading up to the year's biggest supercomputing event - SC11 in Seattle. I though it would be handy to give a quick summary of the diary entries so far for those who haven't been reading along.

If you recall, I said: "On my twitter stream (@hpcnotes), I described it as: "the world of #HPC in one week & one place but hard to find time for all of technical program + exhibition + customer/partner/supplier meetings + social meetings + sleep!" To follow the news about SC11 on twitter, follow @supercomputing and/or the #SC11 hashtag."

"Any hope of "live" blogging or actively tweeting during the week of SC11 itself is almost nil - the week is just too busy with the day job. Even simply consuming the relevant news, comment and gossip is a challenge."

"So instead I am going to try to write a diary of the lead up to SC11."

If you've missed them, here are the 8 SC11 blogs so far:

  1. "The big HPC event of the year - lots of news, people & meetings. Busy week."
  2. "schedule certainty, locations, spare time & hard work"
  3. "SC11 news deluge, the missing HPC world"
  4. "how do you do it?"
  5. "navigation, rope and choosing wisely"
  6. "fog and sports events"
  7. "not everyone will be in Seattle"
  8. "ppt, professionals, preparation & precipitation"
Along the way, I have briefly alluded to a few things NAG will be doing at SC11. One of my colleagues will be along shortly to post here about our activities at SC11, but in the meantime, plan to visit us on booth 2622, or get in touch to arrange a conversation.


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