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Coffee and Filters

Given the origins of NAG and our mission, it’s natural for us to take the “long view” in giving back to the communities in which we operate. In the US, we’ve just finished our second year as sponsor of the DemandTec Retail Challenge (DTRC) scholarship competition for high school students in the Chicago area. DemandTec is one of our earliest and strongest software company partners who incorporate NAG components into their software products, providing demand management software for major retailers around the world.

The DTRC puts 2-person teams of high school seniors in the role of category managers for a retail store in a a 2-week computer simulation where each day represents a week in the “real world”. The students are given many weeks of data showing the price, inventory, unit sales, promotions used and the profit earned on each product they are managing. In the contest, they are responsible for two brands of coffee, one brand of tea and coffee filters. During the competition, they mu…