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The NAG SMP and Multicore Library on the Cloud

In my last post we looked at the NAG serial library on Amazon's EC2. We noticed that the CPU utilization was not anywhere close to the capacity I had on the Cloud. Below, I have loaded the NAG SMP and Multicore Library on Amazon's EC2 in hopes of utilizing all the virtual cores.
Routines Tested The EC2 instance used was a High-CPU, c1.xlarge instance (7GB of memory and 8 Virtual Cores). The SMP Library contains 204 tuned and a total of 337 enhanced routines for use on Multicore machines from which I tested f11me(Sparse Matrix Factorization) and g02bn(Kendall/Spearman rank coefficient). While I had a maximum of 8 cores available, I decided to increase the number of threads beyond this, just to see the result. Below you will see how the time taken scales as the number of threads increases (click to enlarge):

Both routines scale well as you increase the number of threads, but f11me takes longer with 12 threads as opposed to 8! I suspect the slowdown is a result of dependencies bet…