Our own Hall of Fame – the NAG Life Service Recognition Award

A bit of background…

NAG was established as a not-for-profit organisation and remains so, which means it has no shareholders or investors to answer to. All surpluses made are ploughed back into R&D. NAG is ‘owned’ by its members of which are people that founded NAG, current and past employees, collaborators and friends of the company. This all serves to make NAG a pretty unique place to work which might be a reason for the longevity of serving staff (NAG also happens to be an Investors in People Gold company).

It’s certainly not rare for those of us working here to see our colleagues reach the milestone that could be considered ‘lifetime service’. Many staff work at NAG for the majority of their careers and continue to do so well into their ‘golden years’.

Rewarding greatness…

During NAG’s 40th anniversary celebrations in 2011, a NAG ‘Hall of Fame’ was established to recognise outstanding efforts and commitment to the company by a member or collaborator of NAG. The Life Service Recognition Award has now been bestowed twice.

The recipients of the Life Service Recognition Award are selected by a committee, which considers the merits of nominations invited annually from the entire membership. Founder Members of the award are Dr Brian Ford, Founding Director and former Chairmen, Dr David Hartley, Dr Richard Field, and Professor Joan Walsh.

The first recipient (2011) was NAG’s very first employee, Dr Steve Hague.

Steve was NAG's first full-time employee, joining NAG in 1971. Over the years Steve held a number of technical, administrative and managerial roles, as NAG developed into a world leader in its field. These roles included responsibility for a variety of company activities, including many internal projects and various external collaborative activities, e.g. leading international software projects in the USA and Europe. His main technical interests and contributions were in the area of numerical software engineering, portability in particular, and this work was recognized in the award of a D.Phil. by Oxford University in 1982. Steve formally retired from the position of Chief Operating Officer of NAG Ltd in June 2007.

The 2012 award was bestowed upon Mr Jeremy Du Croz.

Jeremy joined NAG in 1975, and worked on most areas of the NAG Library. He is known for his work on linear algebra in the form of fundamental contributions to the BLAS and LAPACK packages. He made considerable impact on the NAG Library in the areas of Fast Fourier Transforms, data fitting and random number generation. Jeremy was a very much respected manager of the Numerical Libraries Division and is remembered for his wisdom and attention to detail. It is a mark of his influence that, for years after ill-health forced him to retire, people asked, and continue to ask, in all kinds of situations, "What would Jeremy have done?"

A place for you?

If you like the sound of NAG and are interested in working here and maybe one day entering the NAG Hall of Fame yourself, check out the Careers at NAG area of the website; if there aren’t any current vacancies, why not email your CV anyway?


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