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A quick but dirty way to use the NAG C Library Mark 23 from Python

I get requests about using NAG from python from time to time, and NAG strives to make its algorithms as accessible as possible from a wide variety of languages and platforms. Python is no exception. While we don’t yet provide a fully documented python API replete with examples and so on, there is a quick but dirty way to get NAG C Library python bindings covering every library algorithm, struct, and enum.My starting point was the old PyNAG, which is excellent as far as it goes. It is also for the older Mark 8 library -- which none of you out there in userland should be using. PyNAG also looks a bit labor-intensive to produce for the whole library, which would entirely disrupt my Maynard G. Krebs Cycle. There has to be better way, I thought.And there is! At least on Linux. For this exercise I used our NAG C Library Mark 23 implementation for Linux and gcc, LP64 model, hereafter abbreviated as cll6a23dgl.Here is the method that I used: Step 1 -- Get the ToolsFor this exercise we'll …