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Life Service Award 2015 – David Sayers

The NAG Life Service Recognition Award has been running for 5 years – it was created in NAG’s 40th year as a way of showing gratitude to people that have dedicated immense time and commitment to the company.

It was a pleasure to see David Sayers, NAG Honorarium, receive the award at our recent AGM. As has become customary, James Davenport, Professor of Information Technology, University of Bath, presented David with the award and said a colleague wrote of David as follows, “David has been an outstanding ambassador for NAG for over forty years. For many customers, he has been the face of NAG - someone that they recognise and relate to, because of his many trips outside the office in the role of sales support. His interactions with NAG collaborators have been many and varied."

A code contributor wrote “David is, I believe, the main reason many of us contributed software to the early library. He came to our meetings, he listened and encouraged us, indeed he was one of us".

Introducing the team: Kathy Godwin, Quality Manager and Libraries Project Manager

Kathy, describe your role at NAG?
I am now the Quality Manager and Libraries Project Manager. 
As Quality Manager, I try to keep everyone on their toes by checking 'everything' ... how it was done, why it was done, when it was done, ..., was it done to spec, was it thoroughly and successfully tested/checked, could we have done it any better, ..., is the customer happy, is the Developer happy, is the team happy. I am pleased to say that all at NAG take the quality of the products we produce and the services we provide very seriously. 
As Libraries Project Manager, I am instructed as to the new functionality, enhancements and corrections required for future releases of the NAG Library. In collaboration with NAG Developers, I schedule and manage the work to ensure that it progresses through development, peer-review, quality assurance and on to the Implementations Group so that they have the documentation and code they need for new releases to be made available to customers as soon a…