Introducing the team: Kathy Godwin, Quality Manager and Libraries Project Manager

Kathy, describe your role at NAG?

I am now the Quality Manager and Libraries Project Manager.  

As Quality Manager, I try to keep everyone on their toes by checking 'everything' ... how it was done, why it was done, when it was done, ..., was it done to spec, was it thoroughly and successfully tested/checked, could we have done it any better, ..., is the customer happy, is the Developer happy, is the team happy. I am pleased to say that all at NAG take the quality of the products we produce and the services we provide very seriously.  

As Libraries Project Manager, I am instructed as to the new functionality, enhancements and corrections required for future releases of the NAG Library. In collaboration with NAG Developers, I schedule and manage the work to ensure that it progresses through development, peer-review, quality assurance and on to the Implementations Group so that they have the documentation and code they need for new releases to be made available to customers as soon as possible. 

Can you give examples of the customer problems you help solve via NAG Technical Support?

I don't work directly on NAG Technical Support, but I do monitor the progress of Technical Support queries to ensure that they are answered in a timely manner, that enough information is provided and that the customer has been provided with an answer. If they are not then I check that there has been a follow-up action to any short fall in our performance and that a satisfactory solution is provided.

Tell us something special/unusual about NAG?

I have worked at NAG almost continuously since 1979, experiencing many management styles. Our current style of management is the most open, honest, trusting and flexible that I have experienced. It makes for a truly relaxed, but inspiring place to work. So much more is achieved because we have the opportunity to work to our full potential. The people at NAG all contribute to a friendly and pleasant place to be.

Why have you worked at NAG so long?

I first started work at NAG as Mark 6 of the Library was due to go out. I spent the first year or so keying every single routine document, Chapter Introduction and Introductory document for our first automatically generated release of the Fortran Library. I have been involved in every Mark since, helping to develop the NAG style, introducing standards and consistency, and helping improve efficiency of production. Using TSSD, TeX, SGML and now XSLT and XML has made working at NAG varied and interesting. The Library is like an old friend and we have grown up together.

Developers have come and gone and each have had their own unique personality - they have been fun and interesting to get to know. They have all made important contributions to the Library and should be proud of that.

There are many benefits to working at NAG, on top of those I have already mentioned, so I have never 'really' wanted to leave.
Tell us something special/unusual about yourself?

I don't think that there is anything special or unusual about myself - I tend to do everything to extremes and I'll give anything a go. As long as I can see improvement or some advantage and, I guess, receive some positive feedback, I'll keep going ... which is probably another reason for still being here. I just like to get things done.


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