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Travelling Rugby Fan Problem

The Rugby World Cup is well under way here in England. So far, I have been lucky enough to witness Japan beat South Africa at the Community Stadium in Brighton and next on my list is the nail biting encounter between England and Australia at Twickenham in South West London (Update: Even though it was disappointing to see England loose and go out of the tournament, it was a good day out). All this travelling got me thinking, what would be the fastest circular route to visit all the stadia hosting a Rugby World Cup game if one was lucky enough to have tickets?The naive approach is to go to Google Maps and choose the best order yourself. However, and this is where the Numerical Algorithms Group comes in, algorithms exist to solve this type of problem. In fact, this is quite a famous problem and is commonly referred to as the Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP). A good introduction to the TSP can be found here.So what can we use instead? The NAG Library contains a routine, H03BB, which can …