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Inspiring future talent - International Women's Day

On International Women’s Day we are delighted to publish an interview with NAG Placement Student, Heather Briggs, in which she speaks about her time at school, what led her to her degree choice, and the challenges and highlights she has experienced along the way. 

Heather, can you tell us a little about your school days – which subjects were you drawn to and did you receive encouragement from your teachers to continue with these into higher education?

It started quite early for me, I went to a very small rural primary school with 5 other children in my year. I was 6 months older than the rest of my year so I was moved up quite quickly. After 4 years in the higher year group I was moved down again because the local secondary school wouldn’t accept me early but I was allowed to continue doing maths lessons with the year above until they left the school. So I was definitely inclined towards maths over any other subject from a young age, although at secondary school I enjoyed science as w…