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Fortran Modernisation Workshop - An Attendee's Perspective

Jonathan Cooper, Research Lecturer, Department of Computer Science at The University of Oxford recently attended a Fortran Modernisation Workshop and has posted about the day: This two day intense workshop covered a vast array of topics related to developing reliable computational science software in Fortran more effectively, yet still retained time for practical work trying these out and discussions between the course leaders and participants. It was attended by 31 students and staff members of the University. Wadud Miah (NAG) led the workshop, assisted in lecturing by Fatima Chami (Durham) and Kyle Fernandes (Cambridge). Wadud began by arguing for the importance of good software engineering practices in computational science, then gave a potted history of Fortran culminating with a tour through the features in recent versions of the standard that facilitate writing good code. Sessions also covered supporting tools that enable good development practices, including a brief guest lectu…