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To users of NAG Library Documentation - MathJax

The NAG Library documentation makes use of the MathML format for displaying mathematics within web pages. This is supported natively in the Firefox browser, but for users of other browsers we use the freely available MathJax javascript library. Unfortunately the MathJax consortium is having to shut down its server as detailed here. As detailed in that page, users may instead use a locally installed copy of MathJax, or may use a different freely available server.

The copies of the NAG Library documentation on our website have already been updated, for example Fortran Library Documentation and C Library Documentation.

However, if you have a locally downloaded copy of the Fortran or C Library Documentation (NAG Toolbox for MATLAB® documentation is not affected) then you will need to change the file:


and change line 4 to refer to a new location for MathJax.

The existing line is:

var nagmathjax= ((window.location.protocol=="https:") ? "https" : &…

The women that helped create NAG - International Women's Day 2017

On International Women’s Day 2017 we are proud to highlight three pivotal women that played important roles in forming the Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG). 

NAG has been producing numerical software for over 4 decades which is a remarkable achievement given how hardware and algorithms have evolved during this time. Back in 1970 four people got together: Brian Ford, Lecturer at the University of Nottingham (later to become NAG Founder Director); Joan Walsh, University Reader in Numerical Analysis at the University of Manchester and expert on Ordinary Differential Equations; Shirley Lill, Lecturer in Optimization at the University of Leeds; and Linda Hayes, knowledgeable in Numerical Linear Algebra, and Research Assistant of Professor Leslie Fox (Director of the University of Oxford Computing Laboratory and Professor of Numerical Analysis). 

At this historic meeting on the 13 May 1970, Joan, Shirley, Linda, and Brian discussed their institutions new ICL 1906A Computers and the disti…

New Mathematical Optimization Collaboration with the University of Oxford

NAG has recently started an academic collaboration with the Centre for Doctoral Training in Industrially Focused Mathematical Modelling (InFoMM) at the University of Oxford. Lindon Roberts is the main researcher supervised by Coralia Cartis, Associate Professor in Numerical Optimization. NAG is a strong supporter of InFoMM, offering student projects, providing training courses and sitting on the Industrial Engagement Committee. This project focuses on mathematical optimization where derivatives are not readily available, so called derivative-free optimization (DFO). It is not easy or even possible to evaluate derivatives of functions which appear in the optimization model and thus many well-established approaches in mathematical optimization might not be satisfactory. Moving to a derivative-free regime presents novel approaches for approximating the solution without computing or estimating derivatives. NAG added its first derivative-free solver to the NAG Library about five years ago. …